Monday, 14 March 2016

Me, Myself & I

I decided for today's post I would do something a little different and out of my comfort zone and let you know a few things that make me me :)
It took me a loooooong time to finish this blog and I did have to reduce it from 50 to 40 because apparently i'm not that interesting but I think i'm happy with the finished product.

1. I get emotional when I see dogs and puppies. I am literally obsessed with them. I also find people who don't like dogs a little weird and untrustworthy... 

2. I am the hangriest person in the world.

3. I am always hungry.

4. I am 5"3' which surprisingly makes me the 2nd tallest person in my immediate family. #shortfamily

5. I have three tattoos, one of which I got along with my sister and cousin which is an infinity symbol on my foot :) 

6. I believe all men should grow facial hair as it is just better. Fact.

7. I spent a month living in Kenya building houses and this has probably been one of the most eye opening experiences of my life.

8. I failed my first driving test.

9. My favourite cocktail in the whole world is a Strawberry Daiquiri.

10. I have never broken a bone, had an operation or been under anaesthetic.

11. My teeth were so wonky when I was a teenager that I spent 3 YEARS wearing a brace plus another 1 year wearing a night time retainer. I finally have straight teeth thank god!

12. My favourite food is Thai. 

13. I love to bargain shop. It's an addiction, I just love to think i'm getting a deal.

14. M&M peanuts are my no.1

15. I have a personal goal to visit as many Hard Rock Cafe's around the world as I can. So far i've visited 6 out of 157.

16. I get genuine anxiety about going to the cinema incase someone tall sits in front of me and ruins my movie experience. 

17.  A few years ago whilst snapping off a piece of Toblarone I managed to bend my entire thumb nail back onto itself and had to physically pull it back. To this day I have a complete irrational fear that it will happen again and watching people break Toblerone gives me goosebumps.

18. During University me and my friends played knock-a-door-run on Gary Lineker's house. (Well it was actually a gate buzzer... and I don't think he was actually in).

19. I used to know every joke in Shaun of the dead off by heart.

20. Tea one sugar

21. My first job was at Faith Shoes and every week my pay cheque would go on buying another pair of shoes.

22. My favourite colour growing up was Orange. God knows why.

23. In preparation for me getting a dog I have had a name picked out for 3 years but daren't tell anyone incase they steal it. 

24. I often make 'to-do' lists and start by writing down things I have already done so that I have something to cross out. Surely other people do this?

25. I am an Aquarius.

26. I do not believe that Zodiac signs determine personality and if anyone says "that's such a typical Aquarius" I WILL pounce on you.

27.  I have fainted a total of 7 times in my life... once at a Nickleback concert. The shame.

28. Me and my boyfriend have a secret handshake and deep down I know I created it incase of an 'evil twin' situation.

29. Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year.

30. My initials spell ELF.

31.  The older I get the more I am drawn to anything pink.

32. I love anything written by Dan Brown.

33.  I was named after Emily Bronte.

34. My no.1 cosmetic product is my Witch Stick.

35. My new obsession is anything copper or rose gold. 

36. My Guilty pleasure, i'm ashamed to say, is watching Keeping up with this Kardashians.

37. My favourite fashion item is my Michael Kors Selma bag.

38. I am a massive control freak.

39. If i could have one thing on a desert island it would have to be suncream as I burn like a b*itch

40. I have so many dream destinations but I think my number one at the moment has to be Thailand... for the food if nothing else!

 I'd love to get to know you better too! Tell me a random fact about yourslf...

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